Long Life Emergency Water

Long Life Emergency Drinking Water

When you need it most

AQUAessence Emergency Drinking Water is still our high quality alkaline water that comes from the Blue Lake in Mount Gambier, we have provided a tough 4 layer pouch which is heat and light resistant can be stored between -5°C to 100°C degrees temp range, it can also be frozen and is ready to drink at any time, used as a long life water with an expiry date up to 3 years, the internal three layers or the pouch are foil which protects the water from elements and keeps it fresh for longer.

Built to last

Aquaessence 8+ Long Life Emergency Drinking Water offers you;

  • Ready to drink
  • Tough 4 layer pouch
  • -5°C - 100°C temperature range
  • Can be frozen
  • Heat and light resistant