Enviro Smart Soft Pack

AQUAessence Enviro Pouch

Enviro Smart Soft Pack

Replacing heavy glass bottles and bulky PET packaging, the lightweight Enviro Smart Soft Pack is a durable, convenient and eco-friendly way to bring our Australian Organic Spring Water to the consumer market. Never before has there been a packaging so user friendly or so environmentally friendly. AQUAessence makes it easy to stay hydrated with convenient Enviro Soft packaged products to meet everyone's needs. The Packaging of AQUAessence is affordable and easy to handle. Whether it is for your car cup holder, bag, or multi-packs for the home or office, they are available to suit every occasion.

Benefits of a Soft Pack

Aquaessence 8+ Enviro Pouches offer you;

  • 100% Recyclable, BPA Free
  • 3 layer non leaching composite protects contents¬†and extends shelf life
  • Pouches weigh around half of standard PET bottles
  • On average 70% less material is used to produce a pouch than a standard PET bottle
  • Requires between 40-50% less energy to produce and transport