Your Water for Life!

Bottled at the source, the natural goodness of AQUAessence water comes from the regions limestone, as the water travels over the limestone it absorbs a natural mixture of minerals and electrolytes that gives our spring water the optimum alkaline PH level (8pH).

AQUAessence natural spring water has been filtered for thousands of years through the limestone caves that connect to the underground aquifer system that feed the Famous Blue Lake at Mount Gambier in the South East of South Australia.

The Blue Lake, Mount Gambier South Australia

Australian Alkaline Spring Water

The Blue Lake was formed over 5000 years ago in the vent of a volcano, on the side of which the city of Mount Gambier has been built. The city relies on the lake as its principle source of potable water. The quality water is exceptionally clear and has been filtered over many years through the underground limestone, resulting in a high alkaline water.

AQUAessence is unique as it is reliant on the two water aquifer systems existing below the south east region. The upper system is known as the unconfined aquifer (or the underground system) where water is stored in the Gambier Limestone at atmospheric pressure.

The limestone is a sedimentary rock that was deposited on the sea floor around 30 million years ago. It has an unusually high porosity because the individual grains themselves are porous. As a result, the limestone can store enormous volumes of water and under the city of Mount Gambier area alone estimated that 15 cubic kilometres or water is stored.

The deeper confined aquifer is known as the Dilwyn Formation, made up of quartz sands and black clays, deposited near an ancient coastline about 50 million years ago formed by rivers flowing from the highlands. Water in this aquifer is very old and reliably pollution free, it is also used for domestic and industrial supplies in areas where water from the upper aquifer is available in lower volumes.

The south-east region of South Australia forms part of ‘the Green Triangle’, generates reliable annual rainfall which constantly recharges this unique and precious water resource and ensures that the region does have Water for Life.

pH is important

Most spring waters in Australia are acidic (pH 7 or less). AQUAessence water is Alkaline so when you drink our water it passes through the body tissues more efficiently than conventional spring water, and therefore provides superior hydration and nutrition at the cellular level.

Alkaline water has powerful anti-Oxidants, also combats and lowers the acid condition caused by our modern diet to help maintain a healthy, disease fighting system.

pH Colour Chart

Water Comparison Chart

The pH water comparison chart shows the Acidic / Alkaline range of the most popular waters sold in Australia. Clearly represented in the table below AQUAessence is a natural and healthy Alkaline water.

Constituency *Mount Franklin 600ml (SA) *Neverfail 10L Cask (SA) *Evian *San Pellegrino AQUAessence
pH **6.5 - 6.8 5.7 7.2 7.5 7.9
Bicarbonate 7.0 8.0 357.0 287.0 253.0
Calcium <1 2.2 78.0 208.0 79.9
Chloride <1 53.0 2.2 74.3 64.0
Magnesium <1 4.2 23.0 55.9 12.7
Nitrates NA 2.0 3.8 0.45 3.8
Potassium <1 2.1 1.0 2.7 1.0
Sodium <5 31.0 5.0 43.6 38.9
Sulphate NA 5.5 10.0 549.2 10.0
Total Suspended Solids NA 130.0 300.0 1109.0 300.0